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TIP: Leave out spaces between multiple-word names (eg. seattleslew)
        Use 'quotation marks' or include 'and' between words.


HOW to Search for best results

Keyword Search
Enter the name of
horse, year, race, trainer, jockey, breed, or any keyword you want to search for. Keywords like mood, idea, blur, verticals, seasonal, action, creative can also be entered for general results.

Specific Keyword Search
Using the exact name of a
horse, jockey, race, trainer, racetrack and so on will produce specific results. Note please be sure spelling is correct.

Multiple Keyword Search
Entering multiple words in the search engine will pull up photos which include in the caption any of the words entered. If you wish to search for multiple keywords in the same photo, separate the words by 'AND' (eg. secretariat AND belmont). If you wish to search for a phrase or a name which consists of multiple words you can also encapsulate them in quotation marks (eg. "seattle slew").

Category canned searches
To enhance your searching ability, we have added a selection of searches by subject and category which can broaden your search ability in less time.